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Membrane Glass 

Membranes surround everything with your body, ever cell every organ. They control the passing of substances, information, in and out of every part that makes up you. In a sense the boundary your identity and define what is you from what is the rest of the universe. 

This collection of functional carafes, vases and glasses mimics this relationship of outside vs inside by holding the liquids which will soon pass through us. 

Membrane Glass is a body of work which I began during my time at the royal college of art. Inspired by an exploration of self, these pieces reflect what an imagined internal landscape might look like were it be brought out of the body. I went in search of a materiality which would reflect the flowing, tensioned, smooth surfaces of our insides and came to glass. I developed a way of making functional pieces from moulds made of scrunched recycled news paper. This creates a system where each piece is entirely unique, and the moulds produced can simply be placed in the recycling after they are finished with. 

rosie final photography1716.jpg
rosie final photography1720.jpg
rosie final photography1724.jpg
rosie final photography1723.jpg
RCA_2709_ROSIE STONHAM (1).jpg
rosie final photography1745.jpg
glass0267 copy (1).jpg
rosie final photography1739.jpg
Frame 2.jpeg
Frame 3.jpeg
Frame 4.jpeg
rosie final photography1732.jpg
rosie final photography1740.jpg
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