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Gut Feeling

Commisioned to be the plates for the main course of The Amber Rooms in 2022 Gut Feeling was a series of twenty two 3D printed stoneware plates. The series focuses on the intestines, our guts are deeply connected to our emotions. The connection goes both ways with thoughts affecting we process food and the food we eat affecting how we process our thoughts. There is also a fascinating comparisons between the mechanical process of 3D printing and the bodily processing of thoughts and feelings by the brain and gut.

At The Amber Room events guests are invited to dine within an installation for which everything from the table linens, cutlery, crockery and glassware to the surrounding art is made by a carefully curated group of the most exciting UK based artists. The plates are current available to purchase through The Amber Room's website. 

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DSC07021 (1).JPG
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